Tomb and Tome: Part 8

Grit, dirt, and a small amount of cat hair filled Behr’s mouth.  He coughed and spat and tried to get his arms and legs to move.  His body ached from where the blast had knocked him hard against the sandstone blocks of the corridor’s wall.  Blinking, the world eventually moved into focus to reveal AvaContinue reading “Tomb and Tome: Part 8”

Tomb and Tome: Part 7

With a sound like a biting crack forming all at once in a slab of ice, a jagged beam of white-blue shot from Ava’s extended finger.  All the heat drained from the air. The arcane words hung as a tiny white puff.  The resulting beam slammed into its target forming a patina of frost overContinue reading “Tomb and Tome: Part 7”

Tomb and Tome: Part 6

A deep hall stretched out before Behr and Dust.  Two arcades supported by thick square columns flanked the doorway and ran the length of the hall.  Between each of the columns, centered under the apex of the arch, a warrior, crafted from terracotta clay, held an ancient spear aloft in a rigid salute.  Tangled cobwebsContinue reading “Tomb and Tome: Part 6”

Tomb and Tome: Part 5

Caeldrim let out a long, slow whistle.  “Not what I was expecting,” murmured Ava.  The pair were standing in front of a sandstone edifice carved into the native rock of an expansive cavern and staring slack jawed up at its the ursin sigil on the tomb doors.  The doors stood ajar splitting the bear downContinue reading “Tomb and Tome: Part 5”

Tomb and Tome: Part 4

The idol spoke in a gravel voice that boomed down the long corridor splintering the silence like so much glass.  So aggressive was the statue’s commanding presence that the very stone trembled and the cobwebs above rippled.  Dislodged dust fell like snow.  Behr’s muscles tightened and he broke his gaze away from the idol longContinue reading “Tomb and Tome: Part 4”

Tomb and Tome: Part 3

“Wake up!” Ava’s golden eyes fluttered open to Caeldrim standing over her shaking her violently.  She was sprawled out on the hard cavern floor.  Groggily, she sat up and wiped a thin tendril of drool from the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand.  “What happened?” “It’s escaped, Ava,” said Caeldrim hoistingContinue reading “Tomb and Tome: Part 3”

Tomb and Tome: Part 2

The flickering torch light illuminated an immense sandstone edifice set into the back wall of the cavern.  Lifeless stone braziers flanked a short flight of wide steps that lead up to a pair of tall, looming doors.  A carving of a standing bear filled them from top to bottom with the seam bisecting the imposingContinue reading “Tomb and Tome: Part 2”

Tomb and Tome: Part 1

A flash of lightning froze the wild swaying of the jeffrey pines painting them in a purple white light before a roll of thunder washed the black night over the wilderness once more.  Behr, Ava, Dust, and Caeldrim found themselves drenched to the skin and standing in the mouth of a sheltered cave.  All fourContinue reading “Tomb and Tome: Part 1”