Birthday – Complete

From the Memoirs of Irwin Morrow Part 1 I was born at the age of thirty-three, cold and alone on a soiled floor.  The wet of industrial grade amniotic fluid coated my body and pooled around my huddled form filling my nose and mouth with its semi-sweet taste.  My body convulsed and hacked up thickContinue reading “Birthday – Complete”

Birthday – Part 6

From the Memoirs of Irwin Morrow I was about halfway down the hall when the remainder of the hive’s steel door was crushed under the charging swarm.  A dissonant chorus of needle-like shrieks stabbed down the corridor as the creatures clawed their way forward.  They were packed so tightly that they filled the flickering gloomContinue reading “Birthday – Part 6”

Birthday – Part 5

From the Memoirs of Irwin Morrow My mind exploded and my sweat flash froze.  Every muscle in my body contracted at once and I went rigid for an eternity just listening to its sonorous hiss and watching its dripping reptilian tongue taste the air.  A voice in my mind screamed something, something important, but itContinue reading “Birthday – Part 5”

Birthday – Part 4

From the Memoirs of Irwin Morrow Hissing and chittering droned through the tatters of the steel door at the far end of the corridor.  The solid metal had been torn and splayed outward into a jagged fluted edge.  A pungent, rotten egg odor seeped from the darkness beyond.  I clung to the concrete of theContinue reading “Birthday – Part 4”

Birthday – Part 3

From the Memoirs of Irwin Morrow Shrill and sharp as a scalpel, an inhuman scream sliced through the corridor from a torn steel door at the far end.  The door shook in the flickering shadows as though something heavy had been thrown against it from the other side.  There was another shriek in reply andContinue reading “Birthday – Part 3”