Tomb and Tome: Part 3

“Wake up!” Ava’s golden eyes fluttered open to Caeldrim standing over her shaking her violently.  She was sprawled out on the hard cavern floor.  Groggily, she sat up and wiped a thin tendril of drool from the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand.  “What happened?” “It’s escaped, Ava,” said Caeldrim hoistingContinue reading “Tomb and Tome: Part 3”

Tomb and Tome: Part 2

The flickering torch light illuminated an immense sandstone edifice set into the back wall of the cavern.  Lifeless stone braziers flanked a short flight of wide steps that lead up to a pair of tall, looming doors.  A carving of a standing bear filled them from top to bottom with the seam bisecting the imposingContinue reading “Tomb and Tome: Part 2”

Tomb and Tome: Part 1

A flash of lightning froze the wild swaying of the jeffrey pines painting them in a purple white light before a roll of thunder washed the black night over the wilderness once more.  Behr, Ava, Dust, and Caeldrim found themselves drenched to the skin and standing in the mouth of a sheltered cave.  All fourContinue reading “Tomb and Tome: Part 1”